Miss Milly Folly - your quaint home away from home

About Us

For your comfort, we have created a charming, rest-inspiring country cottage retreat that you can think of as your home away from home. Our cottage is located in the quaint country village of McGregor, Western Cape, South Africa. It is a beautifully decorated and fully equipped self-catering, pet-friendly cottage that can sleep 4-6 people. McGregor lies in the mountains of the Western Cape, South Africa, roughly 150km East of Cape Town, in the Breede River Winelands area. Contact us for pricing and further details.

The story behind our name...

Miss Milly Folly is named after the French custard slice - Mille Feuille. A few years ago we were treated to, and tickled by, a rather unique pronunciation of this French dessert in a restaurant in the village by a waitress who proudly presented it to us as a "Milly Folly!" A couple of years later, when deciding on a name for our cottage, we remembered her rendition of the term, as mille feuille, literally translated, means "a thousand leaves" and our garden boasts a huge tree that bears a thousand leaves (and more!) all year round :-)